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Very diffused until the fifties, the "Carla" apple is an ancient variety original of the near "finalese", territory, that risks extinction today.
It's small and irregular, it has green-light yellow smooth skin, pink variegated, and the white pulp is aromatic, juicy and very sweet (even if lacking an excess of sugar) Particularly delicate, it keeps less than others and it's best as soon as picked. Such features destined it mainly to the familiar consumption. A basket full of fruits, grown on the tree that is since a long time with us, is always on the home table.
In a time that sees us consuming more and more anonymous products, "the good things of old times" evoke the passion and dedication needed to obtain good fruits, suggest the same attention and care, the warm atmosphere of the old times that we propose to our guests.
We are open year-round.

We are glad to announce the opening of the restaurant where you can taste the real ligurian cuisine, prepared with vegetables grown and selected by us.
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A door to one thousand years of history
The good things of old times
Welcome to the “Antico Melo”
Attention to details
A cozy place  
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Agritourism ANTICO MELO of Gherardi Maria Teresa - Bed and breakfst -Phone. +39.329.3143795
Via Campo 12 - 17034 Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, Italy Savona
P.IVA: 01050760097 Cod. Fiscale: GHR MTR 66H64 A145N
Mako Di Massimo Malco